As Above So Below

‘As Above So Below’ as a phrase is an old, non-monotheistic hermetic phrase that expresses the similarity between all things at a macrocosmic and microcosmic level, and that it is impossible to study the universe without studying man, and conversely that it is impossible to study man without studying the universe. Sometimes the limitation of the human senses born out of evolutionary survival creates a level of direct focus on ourselves, like isolated individuals, visitors in an alien world, when we are infact a product of our planet’s place in the solar system, and ecosystem, and are going through the same life cycle of all the universe on every level, from microscopic cells, to flowers, all the way to the creation and supernova of stars.

Our new LP As Above So Below is available here:

As Above So Below LP Art

24 September 2016

New LP available for Pre-Order!

New LP available for Pre-Order!


Our New LP drops this week on 23rd September!!

It is available to pre-order here:

19 September 2016
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